Clouds Over Mojave

Somehow I’ve missed this: for some time, I’ve been working on a site called ‘Clouds Over Mojave’ dedicated to the amazing synchronicity between Jim Earp‘s music and my life. The name comes from one of my favorites of Jim’s tunes.

You’ll find clips of all Jim’s music, links to buy some of the albums, composer’s notes unavailable anywhere else, and my own ramblings related to his music. Give it a look and tell me what you think.

Cut the Wire

A long time ago, I wrote “I especially love hearing about a new group and discovering that I’m going to love everything they ever do.”

It is gratifying to have been dead bang 100% right.

Check out “Cut the Wire“, which R.E.M. will be stealing if they know anything at all about music.

Scott will be swinging through the Sacramento/Davis area on his Grand Tour of the US West Coast. If you know of a cool venue he could grace on Sunday November 7th or Monday November 8th, let us know.

Pyronauts Descend on Auburn

Paul the PyronautWent up to the car show in Auburn Friday evening. Well, really, I went to Auburn to listen to the Pyronauts, and there happened to be a car show.

Austin HealeyThe guys were in excellent form. Checking out my new digital camera, and some shots are a bit blurry. One is downright bizarre.

I’ll be adding captions this week, but in the meantime, feel free to rummage through the photos of the band and the cars.