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Do NOT Miss Leftover Cuties

Joel  with Leftover Cuties' Shirli McAllenBest Beloved took me to see Leftover Cuties Wednesday night at the Dakota Jazz Club in Minneapolis. Actually, we saw the cutest cutie three times, not just once.

Stopped at the light at 10th and Nicollet, I watched Shirli cross the street, a pair of high (really high) heels in one hand.

As she stepped to the curb on the northwest side of the intersection I thought, Shirli . . . Shirli. Wait. I just watched Shirli McAllen cross the street.

I felt like I should run after her an apologize for not saying hello. (She later told me “You should have!”) As we were seated at our table near the stage, there she was again, scooting between the tables toward the backstage rooms. I started to stand and apologize for my earlier rudeness, but she was just too quick.

Leftover Cuties are the kind of band which feels like you really ought to run after them and say hello.

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USSS: Ross Durand

takes a lot of songwriting confidence to take on the challenge of writing an entire song for each line in Bob Dylan’s Hard Rain’s Gonna Fall. Takes a lotta songwriting chops to pull it off.

This year it looks like Ross Durand is going to finish this seriously ambitious and musically satisfying project. (continued)

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USSS: Old Lost John

Out of the dark woods of far northern Scandinavia comes one of the most authentic American folk songwriters I’ve heard. I’ll let Old Lost John tell you where his music comes from: (continued)

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USSS: hoopshank

Falling far outside the swingabilly world, Paul “hoopshank” Turrell is irresistible. How can you resist someone who writes a song about what a really big number a billion is, and turns it into something between Led Zeppelin and Yes? (continued)

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USSS: Evin Wolverton

Hard to pin down, is Evin Wolverton.


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Goodtimes and the Fortune Teller

P erky, yet crunchy. Or is it crunchy, yet perky? And oh, look! It’s 70s slide guitar, in the best possible sense. “I’ll sell you dreams you never knew you wanted . . . ”

Yep; it’s Goodtimes Goodtimes once again. I swear, Franc puts something in your tea that’s instantly addicting. I have, in my 50 years of constant ingestion, heard a lot o’ music. The Fortune Teller Song is one of that rare breed that has my feet tapping and head bobbing simultaneously, and that’s even during the third repeat. (I also love that the opening guitar riff is, um, an ‘homage’ [as in, lifted directly] from the Smith’s How Soon is Now?.)

You should go get your own absolutely free copy (well, it costs signing up for his newsletter; oooh) and be ready to snag a copy of the new album when it’s out.

And now that Best Beloved and I are going nomad, perhaps I’ll finally see Goodtimes Goodtimes live in its native habitat, which appears to be hip dives in London town.

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Ready to Explone

Not a typo; it’s the name of a PacNW band. Their bass player Scott Andrew has appeared here more than once, often disguised as Walkingbirds. Watch the video. Crank it up.

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