An Eclectic Texan Without Salamander Pie: Guest Post by Ron Luther

Members of meet geeks of all shapes from all over the world. One of them has a famous ability to turn any conversation into a chat about music within seconds. And it’s not even me.

Pretty easy to see why Ron Luther and I became friends.

I saw your other note a while back on guest writing about music … and I thought about it for a bit. My first inclination was to try to write something up about a hidden gem like Jay Leonhart’s “Salamander Pie” album. If you don’t have it – go order it on Amazon, now!

Then, naturally, I started to over think things. Continue reading “An Eclectic Texan Without Salamander Pie: Guest Post by Ron Luther”

300 in 10

X is one of the few letters which has never started one of these posts—until now.

X always stands for mystery; the unknown. On pirate maps, X marks the spot not because it’s so obvious, but because it is a mystery, an unknown, a private stash you weren’t supposed to find.

So, for this 300th post on the 10th anniversary, instead of writing about what I’ve done, I’m going to write about what I haven’t. Continue reading “300 in 10”

Never Mind the Groceries, Leonard: Guest Post by Caitlyn James

You might assume things upon hearing that Caitlyn James is a teacher. Most of them would be way wrong. For instance, I was prompted to ask her to write a little something because of her latest exercise regimen: burlesque dancing.

Everything else she does is mad, too. Continue reading “Never Mind the Groceries, Leonard: Guest Post by Caitlyn James”

What Count Basie Taught Me About Intolerance: Guest Post by Rick Wilson

Another lifelong friendship sprouted in Seth Godin’s online network—who could resist a guy with a medical degree who loves WWII aircraft despite his abhorrence of war, and who writes like this about music and musicians? Meet Rick Wilson:

When I was 13 years old, Count Basie chatted with me during an entire break between sets at one of his gigs. Me, just a kid at the time, when he could have spent that time in any way he wanted to! And as if that wasn’t enough, his 2nd alto sax man at the time, Curt Pegler, talked shop with me (an alto player myself) all during the next break!

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Marty’s Violin: Guest Post by Tom Bentley

In the years since we met in Seth Godin’s online network, I’ve met Tom Bentley in that ethereal thing called real life more than once—too few times and each too short. Twice I’ve managed to whine him into writing song lyrics for me, despite his persistent insistence that he’s not a songwriter. We’ll address that later. For now, feel free to form an opinion on whether or not he’s a storyteller: Continue reading “Marty’s Violin: Guest Post by Tom Bentley”

Music at the Point of Inception: Guest Post by Charlie Cheney

Songwriter comes first in Charlie Cheney‘s bio (the one in my head,) though I know he’s a devoted husband and loving father, a software geek, and an adventurer extraordinaire. I decided to share his abortive attempt just as he sent it to me, because Charlie appreciates my sense of humour. Most of the time. Continue reading “Music at the Point of Inception: Guest Post by Charlie Cheney”

Catching Up with the Grammys

Congrats to Adele not only for all those Grammys, but for becoming the second artist ever to win all four general categories: Record, Album, and Song of the Year, and Best New Artist. (Remember who did it first, over 30 years ago?)

I was delighted to discover that the record for most Grammys overall goes, not to a rapper, rocker, or ranter, but a conductor. Continue reading “Catching Up with the Grammys”

Rachel Flowers: Emerson, No Lake, Little Palmer

Guitarist Jim Earp sent a link to this video of Rachel Flowers performing Emerson, Lake, & Palmer’s Karn Evil 9: 1st Impression on a Hammond C3 organ.

Ten minutes in my head exploded. (It’s 14 minutes long.) Continue reading “Rachel Flowers: Emerson, No Lake, Little Palmer”

Make Someone Happy

Some singers aren’t about the quality of their voice, as fans of Bob Dylan will tell you. Yes, we do realize his voice sounds like marbles in a blender, thank you very much. Where would we be if everyone sounded like Celine Dion and Bryan Ferry?

Where would we be if no one sounded like Jimmy Durante? Continue reading “Make Someone Happy”