Shaking the Tree

Primarily a lyricist, it’s usually the words that draw me to a song. (My primary beef with country music is that the lyrics tend to be trite or on a subject I find uninteresting or just poorly written. This does not apply to Brad Paisley, in case you were wondering.)

It’s always fun, then, to love a song for the music, then discover its message.

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Iron Man

This morning I heard Black Sabbath’s “Iron Man” for the first time in almost thirty years. I was surprised that it appealed to me just as much as when I was twelve. I was also surprised at how exactly lead guitarist Tony Iommi sounded like Led Zeppelin‘s Jimmy Page during the same era. I never read an Iron Man comic, although I was vaguely familiar with the character. An Iron Man movie was planned a couple years ago, and according to some sources is due for release in about 2004.

Wonder if Black Sabbath will reunite to do the soundtrack? I’d prefer Peter Gabriel, myself.