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Acoustic Lovely Sarah Through the Wall

My Michael Hedges Pandora station has been playing a lovely little harp-like guitar piece for a while. I listen all night so I don’t always check to see who’s doing what. (Okay, sometimes I do. It’s music.)

[az]B001FXCO6E[/az]As a result, I’ve been hearing Sarah Through the Wall for months without having a clue who Brad Barr is (or Sarah, for that matter.)

Now that I’ve read a bit about the song and Brad and his brother and their music, I am once again grateful to Pandora and the Music Genome Project for giving me even more of the whole-brained spiritual gift that is music.

When a song has words I can write about it all day. When it doesn’t, you should just go listen to the joyous dance and smile.

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