Catching Up with the Grammys

[l1]C[/l1]ongrats to Adele not only for all those Grammys, but for becoming the second artist ever to win all four general categories: Record, Album, and Song of the Year, and Best New Artist. (Remember who did it first, over 30 years ago?)

I was delighted to discover that the record for most Grammys overall goes, not to a rapper, rocker, or ranter, but a conductor.

[az]B0000041OQ[/az][az]B004EBT5CU[/az]Georg Solti conducted the Vienna Philharmonic, the London Philharmonic and the London and Chicago Symphony Orchestras (the last for 22 years.)

My fuzzy little memory hasn’t retained as much about classical music as it has regarding rock, pop, and blues, but it seems to recall that Solti showed more understanding of Mozart’s vigorous nature than some conductors. His interpretations of even lighter works (certainly not Solti’s focus) carry more weight, more intensity. It’s a welcome change from those who occasionally treat Mozart with kid gloves, which upon reflection seems out of character.

And on those rare occasions when I’ve found myself leaving it on a classical station when the opera begins, more often than not, it’s Solti at the helm.

2 thoughts on “Catching Up with the Grammys”

  1. I was excited for Adele when she won her six Grammys this year but I found something else interesting as I watched the broadcast. Whitney Houston died a couple of days before the show so obviously she was all over the news. Friends, family and others in the music industry touting her wondrous career and the great loss her death brought. (I personally believe the loss happened years ago.) The thing that hit me as I watched the show was, Whitney won 6 Grammys in her career and Adele won that many in one night. Add those to the 2 Adele won for her first album “19” and she has “out-Grammyed” Whitney with only her first two albums. Maybe there’s some lesson or story in that but I never look deep enough to find things like that.

    1. I have the impression Adele likes her cigarettes, and she’s made it clear she’s not planning on losing weight to be anyone’s vision of a singer. Not the same thing as drugs and hard drinking, but I wonder if Adele’s gonna be around as long as BB King burn out like Elvis.

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