Badlands = Good Listen

[l1]F[/l1]inding new music that hits me viscerally is sublime. Recently, No Depression introduced me to Eric Tingstad and his take on Americana instrumentals.

Eric Tingstad, BadlandsWhen my copy of Badlands arrived, it stayed in the CD player in the car for over two weeks, playing over and over again. Nearly every track is on my all-night music list (I never sleep without music playing. I’ve heard some people do. Seems odd to me.)

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USSS: oddbod

[l1]W[/l1]hy isn’t oddbod famous? Proof positive that talent and fame are not connected. Tim “oddbod” Conway is one of the finest songwriters and performers I’ve ever heard. His new songs at FAWM turn into a mad rush to comment. A week in, his first song Instamatic has nearly a hundred comments from other songwriters who are supposed to be scrambling to write 14 songs of their own. Continue reading “USSS: oddbod”

Acoustic Lovely Sarah Through the Wall

[l1]M[/l1]y Michael Hedges Pandora station has been playing a lovely little harp-like guitar piece for a while. I listen all night so I don’t always check to see who’s doing what. (Okay, sometimes I do. It’s music.)

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