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  1. Hi Joel. It’s Robert, “Phillip Flathead”. I’m getting ready to finish a new record and thinking of either bringing PF back to life or at least re- mastering/re-releasing 4- track mind as well , still deciding what is best.
    I’m interested in putting together a website that I can use to present music now and then.. maybe in style of an bedroom record label with links to current music, re-issue of PF and perhaps friends music along the way that fits in stylistically. You still making web sites? Interested in helping me? I know I can use WordPress but honestly clicking about on a laptop is laborious and mind melting for me. It’d be nice to be given a headstart and the tools to take over. Any thoughts? How are you and the family? You still baking bread together?

    1. Oh look, my contact form has been broken since before the flood.

      Hey, Robert! I do indeed still build sites. I’ll email about that.

      Fam is good, and baking all kinds of things together. Fiona loves to cook (she’s almost 17) so she’s in the kitchen a lot.

      Watch for my email.

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