Doughnut Holes and Roger Miller

[l1]J[/l1]azz musicians occasionally highlight a melody by playing all the notes around it, leaving a hole where it should be. If you’re paying attention, you’ll “hear” it.

Some smart doughnut shop decided to stop rolling all the doughnut holes back together to make more doughnuts, and just started frying up doughnut holes to sell.

[az]B00008WI8H[/az]Despite the fact that he’s my single biggest songwriting influence and has even been named in three whole posts, I have never written a post here, not one of the nearly 300, about Roger Miller.

The only country performer yet to have won a Tony Award. Eleven Grammys—in two years. And dead at 56 from all the cigarettes he’d smoked his whole life. What a waste of the decades of songwriting he could have had; he’d have been 76 last month.

Time to fill the hole. Fill it or fry it; not sure which. But for a little while, it’s gonna be Roger Miller time around here.

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