3 thoughts on “Mama Don’t Take My Kodachrome and Leave Your Boy So Far From Home”

  1. Don’chya know I’d go for the most $$ headphones on the front page- ?
    The2011 Roc Nation Aviator Brown Gold – onaconna I recently pitched a 30-year-old pair of falling-apart Koss’ that looked just like ’em :)

    Can’t say I ever listened to music through headphones – couldn’t be ‘tied down’ that long – the stereo, sometimes on eleven, was just fine, thank you –
    but I do really like “Kodachrome”, and several other cuts on the “Rhymin’ Simon” album…

    Thanks for the delightful memory jogs!

    1. I do my most intense listening while I’m writing or coding, so the wire doesn’t bother me. Speakers are more natural, but they need to be real good speakers, turned up a wee bit. Though I suspect my neighbors would have objected to my 400W Marantz turned up to 11.

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