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USSS: Ross Durand

takes a lot of songwriting confidence to take on the challenge of writing an entire song for each line in Bob Dylan’s Hard Rain’s Gonna Fall. Takes a lotta songwriting chops to pull it off.

This year it looks like Ross Durand is going to finish this seriously ambitious and musically satisfying project. Continue reading “USSS: Ross Durand”

USSS: oddbod

Why isn’t oddbod famous? Proof positive that talent and fame are not connected. Tim “oddbod” Conway is one of the finest songwriters and performers I’ve ever heard. His new songs at FAWM turn into a mad rush to comment. A week in, his first song Instamatic has nearly a hundred comments from other songwriters who are supposed to be scrambling to write 14 songs of their own. Continue reading “USSS: oddbod”


Wanna discover some amazing new music from unknown (for now) singer/songwriters? I’ll be writing a series about my dozen or so favorite FAWMers. They’ll tend toward the swingabilly stuff I write and play myself, so if you’d like to discover classical, jazz, rap, metal, virtually any genre of music, give the FAWM jukebox a whirl and give yourself the gift of a brand new favorite artist.

Each article will have a link to their FAWM profile, which has links to their websites where you can dig into past FAWMs and other music they’ve written.

Next up: the February Album Writing Month Unknown Singer Songwriter Series, or FAWM USSS (and you know how I’m pronouncing that, right?)