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Franc Cinelli: Alcatraz

Franc Cinelli: Alcatraz[l1]C[/l1]urrently wearing out Franc Cinelli‘s short (under 20 minutes total) CD Alcatraz. Americana inspired by one of the world’s most famous prisons and some of the minds it tried to contain.

The description from the website:

Five songs inspired by Alcatraz and some of its infamous guests.
Defiant, prison outlaw ballads influenced by songwriters Ry Cooder and Mississippi John Hurt wave the flag in this collection about faith, repentance and the indelible human spirit.

Sparse instrumentation lets Franc’s voice and the stories he tells stand out. Lie to You is the least specific, but it’s the one that sticks in my head. He seems to get one earworm on every album, and that’s fine with me.

Get your copy, or listen online. Worth your time.

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