To Know Someone is Listening: Guest Post by Ross Durand

[l1]O[/l1]ne of the many singer/songwriters I’ve met during February Album Writing Month, Ross is part of a smaller group I’ve collaborated with. I’ll rummage up Man in the Mirror to show you what a great singer does with my lyrics. For now, Ross shares something every songwriter loves.

As an amateur songwriter, about the best thing that can happen is that someone notices. Joel is a guy who notices. He seems to be able to hear heart and sense integrity, and he is one of those special people who delights in spreading the word.

In 2008 I chose to try a little online activity called February Album Writing Month to see if I could pump some energy into my songwriting routine. There wer two people in that community who took note of something I was doing and provided encouragement. One of those people was Joel, who included my song “Rookie of the Year” on an Americana compilation he made of that year’s activities.

Spurred on by that experience I took on an even more ambitious task I call the “Hard Rain Songs” which Joel supported from a distance. It was a daunting task, and without his support and enthusiasm I’m not sure I would have had the same energy to keep it up. Eventually he also featured and interview with me on Know Your Music. I can’t really say how nice it has been to have that support.

Some of us create, some enjoy, some promote. Joel is an awesome combination of all three, but I think the way he supports other creators is a unique and special attribute.

Here’s to ten more!!!

If you’re a fan of Dylan or just good folk/rock singer-songwriter stuff, Ross’ Hard Rain album is a worthy addition to your collection. He really is the goods.

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