USSS: Billy Sea

[l1]C[/l1]an you say “prolific” ? My buddy Billy Sea often writes 60 songs or more during FAWM.

And then writes hundreds (plural) more throughout the year.

While his natural style is simply acoustic country with a marvelous voice and witty lyrics, Billy experiments quite a bit. He’s written electronica, metal, spoken comedy. He’s part of the collaboration core at FAWM. Have music, but no words? Words, but no music? Both, but just wish someone else would record it? Or you wanna record, but not write? It just doesn’t matter what your situation is musically. Billy is all over it.

The compilation Handmade & Homespun concludes with Billy’s song Dust on the Guitar.

Not only is a musical cornerstone of the community, but a cornerstone, period. Go give a listen to Billy Sea’s music at his FAWM profile.

Billy, here’s hoping the best for your son’s quick recovery from the accident. Enjoy the grandkids. Maybe someday I’ll have some of my own to spoil.

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