USSS: oddbod

[l1]W[/l1]hy isn’t oddbod famous? Proof positive that talent and fame are not connected. Tim “oddbod” Conway is one of the finest songwriters and performers I’ve ever heard. His new songs at FAWM turn into a mad rush to comment. A week in, his first song Instamatic has nearly a hundred comments from other songwriters who are supposed to be scrambling to write 14 songs of their own.

Gorgeous instrumentals. Tear-worthy love songs. Yes, but also a half-song called The Pig of Loveliness wherein oddbod shows he can shred hugely, and A Letter from Nigeria, a hysterical but musically brilliant tune taken almost entirely from spam emails he’s received. Listen to both, and more, at oddbod’s website. (His tune And the Starlight made it onto Handmade & Homespun. My definition of “Americana” is musical, not geographical.)

Not just a songwriter’s songwriter. Stop what you’re doing and go to oddbod’s FAWM profile to see what the good songwriters are wearing this year.

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