8 thoughts on “You Can Not Like Steely Dan”

  1. Interesting – I saw two of their four-nights-in-a-row concerts in Chicago a couple of years ago (wherein they replayed their 4 biggest albums).

    I’ve always loved Steely Dan’s music on the radio, never owned the albums, and was really disappointed by those concerts… they were clearly having fun, and the fans were having a good time, but it felt like there was an ‘energy barricade’ between the stage and the audience! Like they wouldn’t have even noticed if we’d all been Raptured right before the break. Weird, and a phenomenon I’ve never felt before.

    My primary music experience lately has been as “the Roadie’s Groupie” for a high-energy Irish bar-band of brothers, though – that may have something to do with the unexpectedness…? The Dooleys* so obviously feed on and back the energy of the crowd.

    * http://www.dooleybrothers.com/
    I’m so glad you’re sending out a ‘monthly round-up’, Joel, I’d’a probably never found *this* blog, otherwise!

    ~ Bright Blessings ~ Karen

  2. I’ve read all over the place that they were anywhere from stand-offish to totally oblivious to fans. I met Skunk Baxter once, and he was cordial, but even in an interview setting, not warm and fuzzy. I think these guys were just doing all this because they wanted it, not because anyone else did. They never asked anything back from anyone, didn’t, as far as I know, act like anyone owed them, just went over there and did their thing.

    The Dooleys look like fun. They don’t have anything streaming at their website. Maybe they’d trade CDs and coffee mugs for web work ;) Though it’s the only time I’ve heard anyone else mention Lisdoonvarna, outside of my book Through the Fog.

    While you’re stalking me, I’ve finally started writing at my personal blog: http://JoelDCanfield.com/

    Stalk, Karen, stalk!

  3. Almost certainly! Get in touch w/ Jim — *I’m* really pleased that they finally have “Buy Now” buttons!!! (Tell ’em ‘Cian’s Karen – Kharmin’ sent you…)

    There’s a catchy little tune (don’t remember if it’s actually *on* their album) that Jimmy Moore does called Lisdoonvarna, too – I’ve heard it introduced as “Irish rap”!

    and Yay! for personal writing, too!!! I haven’t gotten over there, just yet, but I will – I have 3 new emails (or comment windows) open right now, and it’s getting late!

    Stalk! Stalk! ;)

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